Case Studies

Accredo understands how SMEs work. We have built up a track record of trust and loyalty from both customers and our partners. But don’t take our word for it – listen to our customers.
Plaster Warehouse
“Accredo's Special Pricing module is second to none. We can customise pricing based on sales volumes, as well as a wide range of other criteria.”
“Accredo is the poor man’s SAP. It has a lot of really good functionality but doesn’t have the complexity and high prices.
“Accredo ties everything together for us. It works well with our existing systems and provides us with time-saving efficiency features."
Clements Contractors
“Accredo has enabled us to consolidate our business processes and given us better visibility and management oversight.”
Food Chain
"The key thing we like about Accredo is that it is flexible. We have been able to mould it to work the way we want to."
Waimata Cheese Company
“Accredo provides us with a complete business management software system that has streamlined and automated our key business processes.”
Whites Powersports
"Accredo covers all the bases for us. It has foreign currency built into its DNA, which is a big plus for us as we source products from all over the world.”
Barnes Oysters
"Accredo provides us with the flexibility we need to manage what is always a very fluid billing and packing process."
Altura Coffee
"Accredo has automated our key sales and customer ordering processes. We can now capture all the information on screen in one seamless workflow."
Interpipe Holding
"Using Accredo we have removed six data entry steps in our job costing and invoicing procedures. That’s a real time-saver."
Needle Exchange Services Trust
“Using Accredo we are not only improving our business process execution, we are getting more reliable financial information.”
Far North Fuels
"Accredo has helped us grow but provided improved efficiencies along the way, allowing us to maintain a small tight knit team."
Supply Services
“We respect Accredo because they know New Zealand business and get things done with a minimum of fuss.”
KC's Bakehouse
"Accredo has helped simplify our order entry processes and improved our production scheduling."
Nind Electrical Services
"Accredo is seamless from start to finish and its front end functionality is very savvy."
Torpedo 7
Accredo's smart integration tools have helped streamline the company's dispatch processes.
AGI Australasia Ltd
It used to take me a couple of hours each time... Now, I just click a button and Accredo emails it in a couple of seconds.
Brittain Wynyard
"JBiz and Accredo provide us with the functionality we need to keep all participants in our business fully informed of our day-to-day progress."
Torpedo 7
Accredo is a very affordable solution to get into and something a small business can definitely afford. It would cost ten times more to achieve what we have with our ecommerce model using other tools on the market.
"With Accredo I know by line item, by product and by company exactly what the sales turnover for our sales representatives is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis."
I-Trans New Zealand
We use Accredo to gain better like-for-like analysis of how long an order will take to complete. This results in more accurate quoting and gives us an insight into profitability.
Gisbourne Hydraulic Services
"Accredo has reduced the time everyone spends on administrative tasks and empowered our staff to take ownership of a greater range of duties."
Echodale Marketing Ltd
“As well as automating day-to- day activities, Accredo gives us more transparency. It’s good for teamwork and things get done more efficiently.