Clive Dembo

Supporting/ Scripting: Clive will be working with Dealers in implementing the solution, from the sale, if required, to the forms, (invoices, etc) and reports, and training and additional interfacing.

Clive has over 35 years experience in the general business and IT development, covering; government, mining, corporate, banking, insurance, health, wholesale, manufacturing and transport.

He is a dynamic, lateral thinker who brings both passion, business knowledge and extensive experience in working with Customers, Dealers or other Consultants to provide good solutions and a great user experience. A multi-faceted, multi-skilled Consultant always looking for additional challenges and opportunities to work jointly with others.

He specializes is analyses business processes and developing strategic plans. Help with defining needs and selecting software solutions. Project manage the implementation and /or development. Help with training and installation of software and specialized requirements, interfacing to the software package.

Clive says “ He is proud to announce that I am now working with Accredo, offering Accredo Dealers general support and particularly in the area of scripting, reports and forms, through Accredo Australia. Also develop interfaces to software using Excel, Access, SQL and/or Crystal Reports, and other report writers, helping to create business solutions for customers.”