Accredo Product features


Accredo Saturn and Mercury are Windows-based business and accounting software packages for growing companies. Accredo Mercury is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses operating from a single location. Accredo Saturn is suited to businesses of all sizes operating from more than one location, branch or department.

Track revenue with full visibility into customer buying habits. Take control over invoicing with sophisticated automation to reduce data entry. Improve customer order fulfillment and solve pricing problems; and produce comprehensive reports to analyse your business performance.
Report on customers and sales. Keep on top of payments with advanced approval and payment generation features. Manage fixed assets and depreciation schedules with minimal fuss, and manage your own banking records for any number of accounts. Extract the financial information you need with Accredo’s strong general ledger reporting.
Job Costing
Manage everything to do with your job or project from creating quotes and estimates through to checking whether the job was profitable. Re-use previous quotations for supplier ordering of like-for-like jobs and use Accredo invoicing to import the quotation and manage all downstream customer invoicing requirements.
Automation & Reporting
Gain sophisticated data exchange capabilities so your Accredo system can automatically integrate with other applications. Work smarter not harder with powerful report design functionality. Design forms and adjust database tables to access data and report on information that meet the specific needs of your business.
Get detailed information about what stock you have and where it’s located for improved inventory analysis and management. Find out how much your stock really costs and ensure you meet customer needs by automating order creation and fulfillment. Create quotes and get an up-to-date picture of costs associated with your core jobs.
Keep in touch with your suppliers and track what you owe with Accredo’s powerful creditor database. Manage inwards goods and services from purchase orders through to receipting and invoicing. Extract summarized overviews and detailed reports about your purchasing history.
Tradie on the Move
CONNECT YOUR STAFF WITH YOUR ACCREDO SYSTEM, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Create staff schedules, keep track of your staff and get job data as it happens.
Mobile invoicing app
The mobile invoicing app is a streamlined version of Accredo’s full-function desktop invoicing module. It allows you to raise invoices, quotes, duplicate invoices and credits, and has a familiar mobile user experience.