Seven Reasons For Choosing Accredo


1. Single source of truth

Business is all about numbers. If you cannot trust your accounting software to report figures accurately your visibility of company performance is compromised. With Accredo business software you can bank on the fact you will get one consistent and timely version of the truth no matter where you are in the system.

2. Flexibility with control

Accredo can be configured to suit your unique business processes, allowing you to work the way you want to. Extracting data is simple and standard reports are easily altered without incurring excessive costs or requiring advanced knowledge of the system. Handy automation and permission features help reduce common mistakes and speed up repetitive tasks allowing your staff to work smarter and more efficiently.

3. Play nicely with others

Accredo's powerful Data Interchange module lets you open up the system to other applications that you or your customers or suppliers use. Whether it is B2B or B2C integration that is required, with Accredo you can import and export data with ease and move information to and from frequently used programs such as Excel.

4. Help is at hand

When you purchase Accredo financial software you are buying not just a product but a service as well. Accredo supports a number of Australian businesses and we are actively building a nationwide network of partners that are knowledgeable and responsive. Accredo has built up a loyal stable of customers - many of whom have been using our reliable business management software continuously for over 10 years.

5. Manage your growth

The Accredo accounting program grows as your business grows. It aims to provide you with a lot more of one thing - control, and lot less of another - surprises. During growth phases business owners need to be able to establish procedures that help staff undertake scheduled duties without making mistakes. Accredo accounting software helps minimise user error and gives you time to work on the business rather than spend it putting out fires.

6. Reliability you can trust

Accredo has an over 30 year proven track record of providing robust and reliable business management software that meets the needs of typical small-to-medium businesses. The product has been continuously refined to ensure ongoing reliability and diversified into modularised products and multi-user systems to provide the right entry point and suitable upgrade path for your business.

7. Protect your investment

With Accredo's reliable financial management system your business is protected thanks to our regular software updates. By purchasing a perpetual licence and paying for upgrades by monthly subscription you are provided with two new releases each year. These upgrades add new features and adjust the software to keep your system in synch with other Windows systems.