What's New & Upcoming

Is Accredo missing something that you think it needs? Let us know you requirements and feature requests now!

If you have requested a feature read below as it may be one of the new features we are working.

Geo location >maintenance > AR > customer > F11 > location button

Geolocation context, script editor and company OnGeoCode and OnMap events. Example scripts provided.

Manufacturing batches in IC - maintain> ic >manufacturing batch list > tabs on the custom tab – also has an encrypt data filed Example 3 Supplier Discount for IC / PO and AP shipments  Pending stock movements split by Inwards and Outward for better Available stock calculations.

All types of Pending transactions tracked for Non-diminishing Products – allows switch between diminishing and non-diminishing & vice versa to be much more relaxed.

Tracking address  - link to couriers  > maintain > invoice list > invoice> charges Bank through on CashSales.

Bank accounts encrypted at rest everywhere  > Maintain > CB > bank account when its chanced - It also prompts you that it is being logged

Log Bank account chances everywhere > Maintain > company> bank Account change List

Record logging > setup > configuration > settings log > setup > configuration > tracking >  - there is no select all …. On purpose>ar > ar tracking

Perpetual stock – now in app  - setup> ic> settings > integration

Record lock – shows who is the womble  - is there a way to show it

Force User exit – selected user. How to shoot womble

Single sign on  File > system – the whole lot - allow windows user to loggin

  • Company – test, demo, live
  • Preferred company
  • Backup and Restore settings per company.
  • System level permissions.
  • Separators in Company Menu.
  • Company list per SSO user.
  • Permissions default to none for all users other than the ACCREDO user. – tish said it cool

Install key to add users or modules from within the System (requires exclusive access to system)