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If you have requested a feature read below as it may be one of the new features we are working.

Mobile apps       inventory app   

                                Sales app  - reporting     

Version 6

– not trying to be a warehouse management system –




All are turn on to use – no turn on no effect


Required on receipt

Required on sale

Per product       



Lot date               defaults to transaction date on receipt or manufacture

                                Can override with supplier manufacture day

Expiry dates

Picking by            lot date

                                Expiry date

                                Least picks – from 1 lot – can set to allow multiple lots

Multiple Bin

Saturn only – part of location system

Turn on per location

Can be setup as sell from or receipt to

Special bin count stock take


If you want this  - date needs to be handled in a timely fashion – if not don’t do it

Barcoding and scanners really need to make this viable

And cant sell with negative available – if bin and/or lot turned on