• Welcome to Accredo
    Accounting software for growing business
  • Accounting and business management software
    Purpose designed for growing Australian companies
  • seamless foreign currency functionality and
    powerful reporting

Welcome to Accredo, proven accounting and business management software purpose designed for growing Australian companies.

From general ledger through to job costing Accredo has everything local companies need and can be tailored to suit the way you operate. Two of Accredo's key strengths are its seamless foreign currency functionality and its powerful reporting which is available across all relevant modules.

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Signs you may need a new system

There are some common signs a business has outgrown its existing system. If your company is experiencing any of these give us a call.

Loss of control

A key growing pain is that nagging feeling you no longer have your finger on the pulse and don’t have good visibility of your day-to-day business processes.

No single source of truth

If you can’t trust what your reports are telling you about the state of your business it’s difficult to make sensible tactical and strategic decisions.

Information overload

If you are relying on multiple spreadsheets to keep track of things it’s difficult to get one, consolidated overview of the business.

Handling information more than once

Rekeying data all the time? This opens your business up to human error and prevents your workforce from undertaking higher value assignments.

Lack of functionality

It’s hard to run an efficient business and keep costs down if your system can’t perform key tasks.

Lack of integration

Communicating electronically with suppliers and customers is essential, so you need a system that can integrate seamlessly with third party applications.


Bottlenecks slowing you down

If you need to stop key processes, such as order-taking, because your system can’t cope with month end, you are losing valuable productivity.

Outgrown your accounting system?

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